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About Wolfman5
I'm a simple country boy.
I work for the US Air Force Security Forces
I enjoys four wheeling and hanging with friends. I prefer loud country music in the middle of woods over quiet libraries and am always available if needed.
I'm game for trying anything once, and sometimes twice. I'm slightly crazy and usually very honest, and have been told I'm very funny.
I have a few good friends, but no more than what is needed. Other than that im just being me and enjoying life. Im best at that.
I have a Second Life if anyone is bored and feels like finding me, though im not on a lot, Bamrichmond or Bamrich
species Husky/Wolf Hybrid
gender male from United States
loves 70s, 80s, Action likes Bass, Drum And Bass, Equine tolerates Bluegrass, Blues, Classic Jazz hates Digimon, pokemon
18 submissions 13,235 page views 184 comments received 391 comments posted 5,196 profile views
Latest Journal posted 03 Apr 2014

So ya... I have about 2 weeks left, so im packing up, getting ready, going home for a week before leaving, so ill be in Florida.. Hopping to be back by Thanksgiving.. Gonna miss all my friends and family, but ill catch yall on the flip side :(

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WolfAurora 3 months ago
Thanks for the watch
besonik 3 months ago
Thank you very much for the watch ^.^
Wolfman5 3 months ago
you are very welcome :)
Ceowolf 4 months ago
Thanks so much for the watch! ^^ Hope you enjoy your stay ;)
Wolfman5 3 months ago
you are welcome :3 I will enjoy my stay ;)
Swordpunk 6 months ago
think a little crazies putting it mildly still looking for a .45?
Wolfman5 6 months ago
I am, but I don't have the money, this government shut down has me worried, I have a car loan and things to pay for.. :(
Harumi 7 months ago
Thx Fur Watch!
Wolfman5 7 months ago
welcome :3
Eirene Crimsonpelt 8 months ago
Thanks for the fave and watch :D
Wolfman5 8 months ago
No problem ^,^
Gray Muzzle 2 years ago
Thanks for watching!
Wolfman5 2 years ago
Thanks for the great storys :)
Dikran_O 2 years ago
... and thanks for vote'n too!
Wolfman5 2 years ago
your welcome, its worth it :)
Io 2 years ago
Hey! *Pounces, Hugs & Licks* I hope you're doing fine & in good health wishing you & yours the happiness of Xmas & all the best of this coming New Year!

Wolfman5 2 years ago
I forget this shout box is here XD lol thanks, best wishes for your new year too :)
s p 2 years ago
Thanks for the vote.
Wolfman5 2 years ago
Your welcome, you earned it, great story. ^,^